Online Educational Resources

Telemachus Project

Spanish Institute, in an immediate response to the new situation that we are living in, has launched our Online Educational Resources with overwhelming success. We have been offering courses abroad to the planet's educational community since 1982 and we still stand strong, our commitment to education now goes even further.

Among our concerns, distance training has always been present, has become and is part of our objectives, so we are turning all our efforts into what we have called the Telemachus Project.

Telemachus, according to Greek mythology, was the son of Ulysses. Telemachus is known as one who fights from afar and what better name for our distance training program.

The goal of the Telemachus project is to give anyone the possibility to study Spanish, whenever they want and from anywhere on the planet. It is a firm step forward that marks a new horizon, new challenges and solutions in what moves us, our passion; teaching.


Long-Distance Internships

Long-Distance Internships from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world!

The world has changed due to COVID-19 and now there are so many opportunities and experiences available to students. An internship is a very valuable experience where you become part of worldwide organizations and use the language that you have learned while gaining practical experience. You can make the most of your education by doing a remote internship from anywhere in the world with a flexible schedule from the comfort of your home. The most common placements are with internet-friendly jobs such as marketing, translation and technology. Strong communication and time-management skills and well as knowledge of virtual platforms are key to succeeding since your colleagues will be across the country instead of being in the same workplace. To make the most of your experience, combine your internship with Spanish classes so that you can reinforce the vocabulary used in your field.

You can choose between these placements in Seville:

  • Journalism
  • Translation
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Flexible schedule
  • Support from SIGE throughout the duration of the program
  • Optional Spanish lessons upon request
  • Final certificate


  • 1 to 6 months: 400.00 €
  • Optional Spanish lessons: 10.00 €/hour
  • Personalized programs for individuals or groups available upon request

Live Spanish Lessons Online

Experience the one-to-one Spanish lessons with native teachers from Spain!
It’s time to make your wish come true!

Learn and improve your Spanish from the comfort
of your home from anywhere in the world!

  • All ages, all levels
  • Customized lessons
  • Flexible schedule
  • Preparation for DELE and SIELE official exams
  • Help with Spanish classes at school
  • Final certificate


  • 1 lesson: 19.99 €
  • 5 lessons: 95.00 €
  • 10 lessons: 189.99 €
  • Personalized programs for individuals or groups available upon request


Would you like to enhance your Spanish classes with a guest speaker from Spain? Open the doors of your classroom to the world of Andalusia!

The workshops focus on interesting topics that will bring you to Spain. Your students will be immersed in the history, culture, heritage and language firsthand with a native teacher.

Join our virtual classroom where the workshops are given in an interactive way allowing the students to participate and engage in the activities that will immerse them in the Spanish speaking world and motivate them in their language classes.

Our Workshops

Vivir en España

It is important to know a little bit about the geography, history, culture, food, society of a country when we learn a language. In this session we will talk about the Spanish lifestyle. You might end up deciding to visit us in Sevilla and live a life changing experience!

Vivir en España I

En esta sesión hablaremos de los aspectos más relevantes de la vida en España que te pueden ayudar a hacer tus planes antes de venir.
Geografía: ¿Dónde está España?, ¿Con qué limita y cómo está organizado su territorio?

-Historia: vamos a viajar en el tiempo para comprender la España actual. (video)
-Patrimonio: este recorrido histórico ha dejado importantes monumentos en nuestro patrimonio. Veremos algunos ejemplos. (Imágenes)
-Política: ¿Sabes cuál es la situación política? Es importante conocer la política del país antes de visitarlo. Hablaremos de las similitudes y diferencias con tu país.
-Religión: descubriremos cómo se vive la religión en España. ¿Hay algo que te sorprenda?
-Moneda: el euro. ¿Siempre ha sido así?

Vivir en España II

-Revisaremos brevemente los contenidos más relevantes de la primera parte. Los alumnos expondrán, comentarán la información que recuerda. La profesora les guiará haciéndoles preguntas.
Ahora continuamos con otros temas de interés que nos van a ayudar a organizar una estancia en España:
-Educación: veremos cuáles son los distintos niveles dentro del sistema educativo español. ¿Dónde crees que encajarías?
-Alojamiento: para vivir en España será fundamental saber dónde nos vamos alojar. Exploraremos algunas opciones. Resolver dudas y preguntas con tu profesora
-Horarios: es muy importante conocer qué horarios se siguen en la vida diaria. Organiza tu agenda semanal. Crearemos un horario para los siete días de la semana con todas las actividades con la ayuda de la profesora.

Get to know Spain and Spanish people and culture. Films show us about the way a society lives, the way they act, the way that we feel…..…It gives us the chance to have a close look at everyday life.

Mediterranean diet is well known for being a very healthy way of eating. It is a balanced diet, the main ingredient is olive oil that is produced in Spain with Spanish olives. Learn some recipes that are very easy to prepare and learn how Spanish people eat their meals.

¡Buen provecho!

The goal of this workshop is to bring students closer to a celebration with years of tradition in Spain. This religious celebration takes place everywhere in the country but it is specially known the way they celebrate it in Andalucía and more specifically in Seville: The Holy Week. Students will get to know this celebration through images and videos that will make them travel there and become the protagonist of this experience with the guide of the teacher.

With this workshop we want to take students to one the most famous spring festivities in Spain. It is celebrated in Sevilla and Sevillanos wait for this with enthusiasm the whole year long: La Feria de Abril.

Students will have the chance to learn about the origin of this fun celebration that started as a cattle sales fair and how it developed into a “fiesta” that gathers people from all over the world.

To finish the workshop we will even show you some basic steps of the folk dance so you can feel part of the party.

The main goal of this workshop is to explain to students about this controversial celebration. We are providing them with objective information to help them think about this Spanish tradition. By the end of the workshop students might get their own opinions, against or in favor, and share them in debate with the class.


This is the perfect time to get up and get speaking!!!!

Spanish Institute’s Live Online Summer Camps will inspire your students to learn from the comfort of their homes from anywhere in the world. These virtual classes are taught by native teachers to small groups in interactive sessions where their favorite interests will be the focus of the sessions.

They will be inspired to learn new skills, talk about the most relevant topics that catch their attention and concentrate on speaking Spanish, that’s what
learning is all about!

It’s time to laugh and have fun in Spanish!!!!


Starting dates, from June 28th

  • 10 Spanish classes per week
  • From 1 to 5 weeks
  • Fee: 79 € per week



Paula Da Silva

My experience with my teacher Sandra has been excellent. I loved learning about the history and culture of Andalucía - everything she taught me was always interesting. I had a lot of fun in our classes.

Mia Clarke

María José is an extraordinary teacher. I am lucky to be a part of the enjoyable and productive learning environment she creates.


María Teresa Alonso

Doctor Alonso founded Spanish Institute for Global Education in 1982. She has a PhD in Bilingual Education. She also holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Navarra and has been an Anthropology professor at the University of Seville. She has dedicated 37 years to her profession as a teacher. Her main professional interest is the innovation of teaching methodologies. One of the most important parts of her profession is to train future teachers. Doctor Alonso studied in the United States her senior year of high school and maintains strong relationships with schools and universities in the USA.

She was the Resident Director of JYS , Sweet Briar College for twenty years. Presently, she is the Vice Dean of the School of Education at Loyola University in Andalucía.

She is the president of three companies that work in education: Spanish Institute for Global Education, Geranios Language Institute and MT Alonso, her personal brand that specializes in teacher training courses.

Sandra Rodríguez

Sandra Rodríguez holds a degree in Philology from the University of Seville. She has been working as a language teacher at a bilingual school teaching with children of all ages for over 10 years. She has also worked as a group leader taking students abroad to several different countries for 8 years.

Sandra is the Culture and Literature Professor at Spanish Institute for Global Education.

She is also the SIGE Family and Internship Coordinator and is responsible for the management and day-to-day life of the students and supervises housing, extracurricular activities, field trips and traveling, health and safety issues and student emergencies.

Sandra demonstrates genuine interest in the student's well-being and develops and implements fresh ideas for the program.

María José Gómez Durán

María José Gómez holds a degree in Philology from the University of Seville and has been teaching for more than 25 years. She serves as the SIGE Academic Coordinator. Additionally, she was the Academic Director at Geranios Language Institute for seven years.

She is also the primary contact with the University of Seville, UPO and EUSA and other worldwide universities in Seville that offer academic programs for college students.

Furthermore, she works as a counselor and advisor for incoming study abroad students, and she teaches the Grammar and Conversation classes the students take upon Orientation, and in the Spanish Language Seminar that is offered during the semester.