Summer Program

Complete Immersion Programs

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Complete Immersion Programs

Summer Program

May · June · July · August

€1,250 Two weeks

€1,600 Three weeks

€1,950 Four weeks

The best way to master a language is to be in an environment where you can apply what you learn, and what better way to improve your Spanish language skills than by immersing yourself for up to a month in Seville. You will become part of the everyday life in a family whether it be going to the market, cooking, shopping, beach days or just strolling through the city streets. It’s difficult not be encapsulated by the intimacy of Seville, the largest city in the region of Andalucía. The warm weather and exquisite tapa dishes translate into an affectionate environment where smiles are ubiquitous. Harnessing your Spanish-speaking abilities while absorbing one of the richest cultures in all of Spain, your Spanish will be a bridge for you to discover another world and embrace the nonchalant lifestyle. We live in an increasingly global society where communication is key, and learning the 2nd largest language will prove to be an invaluable skill. If you have a taste for history, culture and language… opportunity awaits!

All Program prices include a non-refundable fee of €150.

What's Included

  • Accommodation with a host family in Seville (room and board)
  • Airport pickup
  • Welcome Pack
  • Transit pass
  • Health insurance & 24/7 assistance
  • Opportunity to practice speaking with local students
  • Support from SIGE throughout the duration of the program

Home Stay

The most common type of accommodation for a full Spanish language and culture immersion is staying with a host family.

The program offers full room and board, which includes three meals a day. The family also takes care of the laundry.

The first day they show the students their way to our school, and everything the student may need to know to get around easily, for example, public transportation and so on.

Living with a family allows the students to get to know the Spanish culture and people deeply, indeed we believe this to be an important aspect of the program. The program staff chooses the families carefully and continuous contact is maintained with them.

The family helps the students get to know Spain better and integrate them into Spanish culture through eating, speaking and living together.

We consider the participation of the families to be one of the most essential parts of the program that supports the safety and well being of the student.