General Terms, Conditions and Cancellation Policy

In consideration of Spanish Institute For Global Education S.L. (SIGE), by accepting me into Spanish Institute’s International Program, I hereby agree:

  • I acknowledge that international travel involves risk, including the possibility of illness, adverse weather conditions, travel delays, strikes and other work stoppages, hostile actions by governments or individuals, and other risks and inconveniences, whether or not similar. I accept the above described risks and other risks involved in travel in, to and among foreign countries. I acknowledge that SPANISH INSTITUTE is not responsible for the activities of persons not employed by SPANISH INSTITUTE. On behalf of myself and heirs and assigns, I fully and forever release SPANISH INSTITUTE and its officers, directors, managers, members and employees (collectively, “Representatives”), and agree not to seek compensation from any of them, for any losses that I may suffer during my program or during travel to and from my program.
  • I understand that I will be traveling to a foreign country, with different customs, standards, laws, and risks than my own country. I agree to take reasonable steps to become familiar with the host country’s relevant civil laws, customs and risks. I understand that SPANISH INSTITUTE does not have a duty to inform me of these risks. I will abide by the appropriate laws, rules and regulations of my host country throughout the time I am participating in my internship or study program, and will endeavor to comply with all local customs.
  • I will pay my way, to and from my home country and my host country.
  • If my participation in a Program is terminated for any reason, I consent to being withdrawn from the Program at my own expense and will not receive a refund of any amounts paid by me.
  • I will indemnify SPANISH INSTITUTE and its officers, directors, managers, members and employees (collectively, “Representatives”) against all loss or damage and any claims made against any of them as a result of any breach by me of the undertakings and agreements set forth above, or any negligent actions or inactions by me during the course of my participation in the internship program.
  • All individual programs are for people aged 18 and over years old.


In order to maximize the value of our programs to our participants, Spanish Institute makes financial commitments on your behalf prior to the program start date. Accordingly, we have instituted this limited cancellation policy in line with current international education provider standards for which we can make no exceptions. All cancellations must be signed and sent in writing via fax, mail or email. Phone calls are not acceptable. No refunds will be made other than those specified below.

  • The 150 € application fee is non-refundable.
  • Program payment in full is due no later than 45 days prior to your start date in the program.

Cancellation Policy is as follows:
WITHDRAWAL 61 OR MORE DAYS PRIOR TO PROGRAM START DATE: the student is responsible for the confirmation deposit (300 €) , as well as any additional fees accrued.
WITHDRAWAL 7– 60 DAYS PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM START DATE: the student is responsible for 25% of the program cost plus the application and confirmation deposits, as well as any additional fees accrued.
WITHDRAWAL ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM START DATE OR AFTER THE PROGRAM HAS BEGUN: the student is responsible for 100% of the program cost as well as any additional fees accrued. That stated, SIGE will try to deduct all personal expenses not incurred. Refunds and cost liability are determined based on the date when written cancellation notice is received from the student.

  • If a candidate wishes to defer participation to a future program, the application fee will be applied to that program, good for 12 months after the initial application fee was submitted.
  • Once the program begins, no refunds are granted for meals, housing, tuition, excursions or activities unused by students due to absence or any other reason. I represent that all of the above information is true and is given to induce my placement as an intern in the International Internship Program. I authorize SPANISH INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL EDUCATION S.L., to make such investigations as necessary, including contacting references. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated above, the literature, and all of INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL EDUCATION’s policies, including those related to health and safety, participation conduct, and refunds.

Force Majeure
Spanish Institute will not be responsible for the partial or total non-compliance of the services in case of fire, blockade, war, natural disasters or any other effect that is covered by the force majeure terms.
The circumstances of force majeure can be proven by means of the official declaration issued by the government of the affected country.