Study Abroad Programs

Live the full Spanish dream with SIGE

Study Abroad Programs

Live the full Spanish dream with SIGE

The SIGE Study Abroad Program offers the opportunity for international university students to enroll in the University of Sevilla, Pablo de Olavide or EUSA. It also offers summer courses at the Loyola Andalucía University.

SIGE offers students a complete and unique experience with our Study Abroad Programs here in Sevilla. They take intensive communication courses, live in Spanish households, explore the region, and perfect their Spanish language skills. This program is ideal for responsible students searching for a fresh perspective.

Study Abroad Program participants live the full Sevillan dream, gaining an authentic understanding of Spanish culture and making connections between the different experiences that connect us all across the globe.

Are you interested in living a new experience? Are you a self motivated, adventurous student? Are you looking to learn, practice, and perfect Spanish? Then SIGE’s Study Abroad Semester or Academic Year in Seville is perfect for you.

Fall Semester

Study Abroad Program

September to Mid December

Spring Semester

Study Abroad Program

January to Mid May

Academic Year

Study Abroad Program

September to Mid May

* If the student decides to stay for an entire academic year, they can choose to return to their country during the winter holidays or stay in Spain with their host family.

Study Abroad Academic Program

Universidad de Sevilla

Closely linked to the history of Seville and Andalusia, the University of Seville combines the values of tradition with being an innovative institution of quality and excellence. It is a university as cutting edge and cosmopolitan as the city of Seville itself.

The University of Sevilla offers two types of courses:

Cursos Concertados

(intermediate or Advanced Spanish or English courses taught by University of Seville professors and open to all international students):

These courses for international students are part of the international program at the University of Seville and offer a wide variety of classes to choose from. The “cursos concertados” offer an advanced level and a general level and are both taught in Spanish by professors who teach the courses based on the fact the students understand and speak Spanish fluently. There are also courses in English for those who do not yet have a high enough level of Spanish: See the catalogue.

Philology Faculty (includes courses in the following areas):

Marketing Painting
Business Theater
Advertising Grammar
Cinema Literature


Faculty of Geography and History (includes courses in the following areas):

Flamenco Economy
Art Anthropology
Cooking Politics
Music History


Cursos regulares

(University of Seville classes for Spanish students and Advanced/Native Speakers):

These courses for Spanish Students are also open to international students with and advanced level of Spanish. Students who wish to participate in these classes can do so if they have the proper requirements for each subject and the details are organized with the professor beforehand.

* Each class meets for 4 hours each week. Students will receive credit for completed classes at their own university

"The Hispanic Studies Program" is designed for students wishing to spend a semester or a year abroad while continuing their undergraduate degree. While it offers advanced courses in Spanish, it also caters to the needs of those with little or no background in Spanish by offering classes taught in English in many subject areas. Hispanic Studies Program course offerings:

History of Art and Cinema Spanish and Latin American Literature
Biology / Chemistry / Science Political Science
Communication Psychology
Business Sociology
Economics History
Anthropology/Spanish Culture Spanish Language


See the courses.

EUSA Study Abroad Program options include Semester or Year studies in any of the regular courses offered in oficial EUSA degrees. These courses are open to local students and may be offered in either English, Spanish or both. Their Study Abroad offer includes over 30 different subject areas in Spanish and English, ranging from Media Studies, Business and Human Resources to Cultural Studies, Language or History. See the courses.

And their official undergraduate degrees include:

Degree in Audiovisual Communication

Degree in Journalism

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations

Degree in Tourism

Double Degree in Journalism + Audiovisual Communication

Orientation Program

All of the university programs have an 8 day orientation upon arrival to Seville.

The Fall Semester Program has orientation during the month of September and in spring in January.

The most difficult part of the experience for students is right after arrival. Everything is new and many experience jet lag, but the orientation gives students vital information about adapting to life in Spain, the university system, the program, schedule, safety, activities, volunteer and internship opportunities, and meeting and getting to know Spanish students.

Orientation also includes 48 hours of class about the Spanish language, grammar, conversation, and Spanish literature and culture.

At the end of orientation students who pass the evaluation exam may receive 3 credit hours from their university.

  • Orientation for university.
  • Volunteer opportunities and internships in companies.
  • Opportunities to meet Spanish students.
  • Security and health.
  • Orientation on Spanish society and life in Spain.
  • Spanish classes: Culture, Conversation, Literature and History.

Accommodation with a host family in Seville

The most common type of accommodation for a full Spanish language and culture immersion is staying with a host family.

The program offers full room and board, which includes three meals a day. The family also takes care of the laundry.

The first day they show the students their way to our school, and everything the student may need to know to get around easily, for example, public transportation and so on.

Living with a family allows the students to get to know the Spanish culture and people deeply, indeed we believe this to be an important aspect of the program. The program staff chooses the families carefully and continuous contact is maintained with them.

The family helps the students get to know Spain better and integrate them into Spanish culture through eating, speaking and living together.

We consider the participation of the families to be one of the most essential parts of the program that supports the safety and well being of the student.

Excursions and visits to the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Andalusia

Visit and Field Trip Program in Seville:

  • Seville Cathedral
  • Alcázar
  • Archivo de Indias
  • Barrio Santa Cruz
  • Plaza de España
  • María Luisa Park
  • Old Tobacco Factory
  • Flamenco show
  • A walking tour by the Gualdalquivir River and the neighbourhood of Triana

Visit and Field Trip Program in Andalusia:

  • Ruta del Legado Andalusí: Córdoba, Granada and Seville
  • Ruta de Hispania, la España Romana: Itálica y Carmona
  • Ruta de las Dos Orillas, Hispanoamérica y España, ida y vuelta: Cádiz
  • Ruta del Vino: Jerez
  • Ruta de la España Romántica: Ronda
  • Ruta de las Maravillas: Sierra de Aracena

Optional Services

Seminar throughout the program: “Spain today”.

It is a seminar whose objective is to accompany students throughout the program, address issues of Spanish society and facilitate a deeper learning of Spanish. Depending on the number of students, grammar, composition and conversation skills this seminar is offered at the group levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced Spanish. The seminar is available as a credit option since 48 hours of class are taught. Interested students should ensure that their home institution awards credit for the Language Seminar.

Contents of the Seminar:

  • Women and the evolution of society in Spain.
  • The Spanish educational system.
  • Political organization in Spain: Autonomies, Parliamentary System, Monarchy.
  • Unemployment, immigration and emigration.
  • Religion and its manifestations in Spain.
  • Political parties in Spain.
  • Overcoming the Civil War.
  • Greatnesses of Spain: transplants, ...
  • Economy and productive forces of the country.
  • The Mediterranean diet and the influence of history on the way of eating of the Spanish.


Internship or volunteer program.

Spanish Institute offers an internship program in schools and companies. It also offers a list of volunteer opportunities. All internship and volunteer programs must be requested through the home university before arrival. At the end of your stay you will obtain a Certificate of Internship.

List of options for practices:

  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Translation
  • Art


List of volunteer options:

  • School support
  • Social (Homeless, educational support, child protection, LGTBQ+, the environment, sports, community development)
  • Healthcare (Community health)
  • International (Immigrants, refugees, soup kitchens, legal assistance)

What's Included

  • Academic program at the University of Seville, Pablo de Olavide or EUSA.
  • Accommodation with a host family in Seville. Full board, three meals included, throughout the stay.
  • Documents needed to obtain a student visa.
  • Health insurance and 24/7 assistance. Access to the best private hospitals in the city.
  • Spanish Institute emergency telephone number.
  • Pick up at the airport and return at the end of the program.
  • Welcome Pack.
  • Transport card (bus and metro).
  • Academic advice before coming to Seville, tutoring and mentoring after arrival.
  • Spanish level test before coming to Seville to be able to choose the subjects well and prepare the personal program of each student.
  • Opportunities to practice speaking with local students.
  • Orientation Program: University Orientation. Orientation on Spanish society and life in Spain. Spanish classes, Culture, Conversation, Literature, History.
  • Excursions through the Heritage of Andalusia: Córdoba, Granada, Ronda, Jerez and Cádiz, Carmona, Aracena, Seville (Cathedral, Alcázar, Itálica, Barrio Santa Cruz, Archivo de Indias, Plaza de España, María Luisa Park, Tobacco Factory...)
  • Welcome Lunch, Thanksgiving Dinner (only in the fall semester), Farewell Lunch.
  • Support from SIGE throughout the duration of the program
  • Optional: Seminar throughout the program: "Spain today".
  • Optional: Internship program in companies and / or volunteering.