Teachers' Programs

Teachers' Programs

CAPDELE · Curso de Capacitación Didáctica para Docentes de ELE

Starting the first Monday of every month

For 15 years SIGE has offered a special program for Spanish language teachers. This program aims at improving fluency and mastery of the language while simultaneously gaining insight on the methodology of teaching and learning a second language.

We at SIGE enjoy education. We care especially for our courses for teachers, as we love to share and spread knowledge in the global classroom that is Seville. Come to Spain and enrich your teaching and your life while sharing with fellow teachers from all over the world.

All Program prices include a non-refundable fee of €150.

What's Included

  • 45 hours of intensive classes with SIGE
  • 15 hours of class in situ
  • Class Material
  • Airport pickup
  • Welcome Pack
  • Transit pass
  • Health insurance & 24/7 assistance
  • Workshops and Field Trips
  • Opportunity to practice speaking with local students
  • Support from SIGE throughout the duration of the program

Academic Program


Actualización lingüística («language refreshment»), actualización de recursos didácticos, orientación metodológica e inmersión lingüística y sociocultural.


Las 60 horas del curso se dividen en dos bloques: sesiones fuera y dentro del aula.

Sesiones dentro del aula

45 horas lectivas (10 sesiones de 4.5 horas cada una, de lunes a viernes, 9:30 AM a 2:30 PM) distribuidas en cuatro bloques teóricos y prácticos:

  1. Actualización lingüística
  2. Cultura y Sociedad
  3. Metodología y Recursos didácticos
  4. Taller de Prácticas

Sesiones fuera del aula

15 horas lectivas (sesiones de 2.5 horas de duración cada una) distribuidas en 6 actividades temáticas:

  1. Ruta del vino y la gastronomía
  2. Las tres culturas: mora, judía y cristiana
  3. La sociedad española del siglo XXI
  4. Sevilla literaria y monumental
  5. Ruta gitano-flamenca
  6. Arte y artesanía: espacios, talleres, la cultura en la calle


Society & Culture course for teachers of Spanish

  • Contemporary Spanish Cinema
  • Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • Spanish popular tradition through Music: Copla & Flamenco
  • Universal poets from Seville: Bécquer, Machado and Cernuda
  • Contemporary social tensions
  • The challenges of Intercultural Education
  • The Andalusian Identity

Dates & Duration

Starting the first Monday of every month.

Duration: two weeks (60 hours):

  • 45 horas de clase en el aula, por las mañanas, de lunes a viernes (9:30 AM a 2:00 PM)
  • 15 horas de clase fuera del aula, tres tardes por semana (horario según actividad temática)


  • Profesores en activo o futuros profesores de Español (3-7 alumnos por grupo).
  • No se admitirán alumnos sin formación previa que asegure el aprovechamiento del curso (licenciatura, grado o formación equivalente, con sólidos conocimientos de lengua española).
  • This analysis cumulates with an insight geared toward evaluation. The experience of each teacher participant is greatly enriched during this course when he or she shares and learns about "good practices" of the teaching and learning of second languages.

Academic Certificate

Spanish Institute for Global Education expide certificación académica de 60 horas de formación (para la obtención del certificado académico es necesaria la asistencia a un mínimo del 80% del curso).

Accommodation (optional)

Home Stay

The most common type of accommodation for a full Spanish language and culture immersion is staying with a host family. Living with a family allows you to get to know the Spanish culture and people deeply. The family helps you get to know Spain better and integrate into Spanish society through eating, speaking and living together.

Renting or Sharing an apartment

If you choose to rent or share an apartment in Sevilla, you must take care of purchasing and cooking you own food. SIGE makes sure that you are comfortable in your apartment and helps you with any issues that may arise.

Living in a Residence

SIGE collaborates with various residences that offer housing in the city. They offer different options regarding meals, laundry, etc.

Thinking of a particular Barrio?

If you wish to live in any particular area of Sevilla (up and coming Nervión, beautiful Santa Cruz, flamenco Triana, lively Macarena…), contact us and we will help you find accommodation in the barrio of your Sevillian dreams.